Exfoliating Soap with
an Organic Loofah

Better smell and better skin, without the harsh chemicals

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Our organic loofah inside helps your skin
get the best exfoliation possible!

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Why Purple Swan?

All Natural Soap + Organic Loofah = Perfect Combo Proven for Healthier Skin
Vegan and All Natural
Made in Small Batches
Cleans Rough and Dry areas
Organic Loofah Clears Dead Skin
10,000 Reviews
Female Founded


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Purple Swan ROCKS! Never shower without it. The loofah inside is a incredible exfoliant.

Kara L
Salt Lake City, UT

It's crazy how clean my skin feels and the loofah is outstanding!!

Karen P.
Los Angeles, CA

Best soap I have ever used. Purple Swan helped clear my acne after years struggling to find a natural solution.

Sarah M
Tampa, Florida

First of all they’re made in the USA! Second of all they are all natural! And third they smell incredible!

Amanda T
Los Angeles, CA

Stretch marks be gone! Purple Swan worked magic when it came to helping clear up my skin!

Haley M
Colombus, OH

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