Welcome to Purple Swan, where good skin thrives everyday! Founded by a former big soap brand executive and her daughter in 2019, Purple Swan is here to create organic, all natural, handmade soap to help you discover your best self. We make it easy to feel good in your skin :)

Located in New York City, we’ve spent years creating the perfect soap to ensure your skin is healthy, hydrated, and acne free.

With love,

All of us at Purple Swan

10,000+ Verified Reviews


It's crazy how clean my skin feels and the loofah is outstanding!!

Karen P
Los Angeles, CA

Purple Swan ROCKS! Never shower without it. The loofah inside is a incredible exfoliant.

Kara L
Salt Lake City, UT

SUSAN! You are a godsend. This soap has worked magic for my skin. Thank you!

Veronica F
Rockville, MD

Never felt happier and healthier skin before. Purple Swan works!! Using it daily for 3 months now and love it.

Rachel Y
Bryce, UT

I absolutely love your product!! It doesn't matter which one you order and I have tried all of them. They smell so good and you feel so relaxed after using them!!

Cassie J
Orange, NJ